Atomic Structure Song

Science Songs

Atoms are the basic building blocks of all matter
They’re extremely small, make up everything in our universe
Stars, these bananas, and our entire body
All made of tiny atoms fit together differently
Atoms are made up of three particles called
Electrons, protons, and neutrons

Electrons are the smallest, their charge is negative
Spinning really fast all around the nucleus
The proton is positive and located in the center
Forming the nucleus with neutrons, that have no charge at all

When particles amounts different
Makes various elements
One proton, one electron, the simplest atom is hydrogen

Every element has its own atomic number
Tells us how many protons located in its’ center
Less protons means less mass
Like hydrogen that’s a gas
It is less dense than the air, one proton in the nucleus

Because protons have a strong positive charge
Push each other away, but pulled back with a strong nuclear force
Balance makes atoms possible
Everything in the universe
Different atoms clumped together are known as molecules