American History is a frequently taught subject in the United States education system; all the way from first grade to twelfth grade.

With so many required years of learning American History, students could use a little variety in learning resources to help them stay engaged and interested in the subject.

Luckily, there are plenty of educational songs and videos about American History available for free on the internet. Educational songs about history can serve as effective tools to enhance learning or as unique ways to further engage your students. Learning songs can be especially beneficial for those students that don’t understand why they have to learn history in the first place.

With our goal to connect you to as many free educational songs as possible, we’ve compiled our ten favorite history songs that blend entertainment with sufficient educational value.

Check out our list below and let us know if any of these are your favorites.

1. Too Late to Apologize, a Declaration – Sooma Publishing

Song Topic: Declaration of Independence, Colonial America

An absolute classic in the world of educational parody songs, this song about the American Declaration of Independence is a must for any history classroom. With high production value and stunning costumes, this video will certainly remain relevant for history classes long into the future. Well done!

2. Jamestown Colony – Mr. Betts

Song Topic: Colonial America, Jamestown Colony

Mr. Betts is a straight up genius when it comes to historical parody songs. His YouTube channel offers an impressive variety of United States History videos, both musical and non-musical. For any teacher or student interested in learning about American History through entertaining videos, give his channel a try. You won’t be disappointed!

3. Great Depression Rap – Smart Songs

Song Topic: Great Depression, 1930s America

This rap song, by Smart Songs, certainly makes the top of the list. It’s rare that you find an educational song and video with such high-quality production value and packed with relevant educational content. This educational hip-hop duo, aka Smart Songs, also has an impressive collection of American History songs that you need to check out.


4. History of Colonial America – Flocabulary

Song Topic: Colonial America, Thirteen Colonies, Early America

Flocabulary, at it again with the epic tracks! These guys know what’s up when it comes to United States History songs. All of their rap songs are incredibly well-written, well-produced, and well-edited. Huge shoutout to them for this catchy rap tune about the thirteen colonies of early America.


5. Boston Tea Party – Jam Campus

Song Topic: American Revolution, Revolutionary War

One of our first ever Jam Campus songs (and still one of the most popular) is The Boston Tea Party song, a parody of Happy by Pharrell Williams. We tried to keep this one fun and upbeat but still packed with educational content. Plus, doesn’t everyone love a good Colonial American costume?


6. Stand Up And Sign With Me – Ben Leddy

Song Topic: Declaration of Independence, American Revolution

Ben Leddy was one of the early YouTube pioneers of teaching through song. He has spoken at events, written papers on the subject, and continues to create amazing music videos on his own YouTube channel. This catchy song, about the signing the Declaration of Independence, is one of our all-time favorites.


7. Bill of Rights Song – Jam Campus

Song Topic: The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Constitutional Amendments

Another one of our own, this song is a parody of a Jay-Z and Rihanna song. This one is an early Jam Campus song focusing on the Bill of Rights or the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution. Played in classrooms all over the world, we hope this one helps to inspire students interested in government.


8. The Industrial Revolution Song

Song Topic: European History, History of Factories, Steam Engines

While not focused on American History alone, this song covers the essentials of the Industrial Revolution and how this time period changed the world forever. From coal factories to agricultural tools, the Industrial Revolution was monumental to boosting humanity into our modern lives that we experience today. An all original jam!


9. Martin Luther King Jr. – Flocabulary

Song Topic: Civil Rights Movement, MLK

And here comes another hot hit from the pros over at Flocabulary! This one is a wonderful look into the story of Martin Luther King Jr. and the incredible life that he lived to change the United States. 5/5 Stars for this MLK rap song; an instant classic.


10. Causes of the American Revolution – Mr. Betts

Song Topic: American Revolution, European History, Revolutionary War

We know that a lot of the videos on our list focus on the American Revolution, but this one was just too hilarious not to include. Mr. Betts does it again singing and playing guitar to the causes of the American Revolution. A for sure winner!



We hope you enjoyed these 10 best American History songs as much as we did. What did you think? Have you found any American History Songs that you love that aren’t on this list? Share them with us!

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