The 15 Best Science Raps on YouTube in 2018

Doesn’t everyone love a good science rap? You know we do!

Science raps can serve an effective tool to enhance learning or as a fun addition to spice up your classroom.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of quality science raps available on the internet. For free!

We want to help you find the best science rap songs out there. Rap songs that contain a perfect blend of educational value and entertainment.

To keep it fresh, most of the raps we recommend were released within the past five years (although there are some classic throwback science raps in there).

It was tough to narrow down our list of best science raps. But below we’ve compiled our top fifteen to share with you. Are any of these your favorite science raps? Let us know!


1. DNA – Science Rap Academy

Song Topic: genetics, chromosomes, DNA

The YouTube channel, Science with Tom, continues to produce some of the highest quality science raps on the internet. And the best part is that every song is created by the students themselves.

This DNA science rap by Beckett & Cole is one of our all-time favorites. Not only is the video highly entertaining, the lyrics are packed with quality learning content. Rarely will you find a learning song that is written and executed so well. Major props to this team for putting this together.

We’ll be looking forward to that album dropping soon!


2. XY Cell Life – Julien Turner
       Song Topic: cellular biology, cell division, mitosis, meiosis

Student, Julien Turner, created this song as an extra credit assignment in 2017. And it BLEW UP. This song was all over the internet and even made it onto Good Morning America.

Along with a hilarious entertainment value, this song is packed with well-constructed lyrics and is a helpful tool for helping to understand the basics of mitosis and meiosis.


3. Nervous System Rap – Flocabulary

Song Topic: human body biology, neurons, nervous system

One of the biggest name in online learning songs, Flocabulary has science raps down. This Nervous System rap is one of their free videos available on YouTube.

Well-crafted lyrics and an excellent use of real-world examples to help solidify the concept. The compelling visuals to reinforce the lyrics are some of the most professional you’ll find. Well done to a hardworking team. Keep up the great work!


4. Science Rap – Darius Benson

Song Topic: astronomy, planets, solar system

We’ll be honest, this one made the list more for its LOL-factor. It’s straight up hilarious.

Comedy aside, his science rap lyrics are definitely packed with important information about the planets of our solar system. With a little practice, this little jam could help you nail down the basics. Or inspire a song of your own!


5. The Atoms Song – Jam Campus

Song Topic: chemistry, atomic structure, atoms

Ok I know we’re a little bias here, but this science rap has received rave reviews since it went live in late 2017. The slow-paced, predictable vocal melody and the short duration serve well to help with memorization.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy introduction to atoms, this is the best science rap for you!


6. Black Hole Rap – Coma Niddy

Song Topic: astronomy, outer space, black holes

A PBS Studios partner, Coma Niddy has a brilliant stock of science raps mostly about dinosaurs and space. Two amazing topics!

We enjoyed this rap about black holes for it’s smooth rhythm, clear-to-understand vocals and relevant visuals. Plus, he’s rocking a sweet Star Wars shirt through the entire video. Hoping to see more science raps from Coma Niddy soon!


7. Electric Circuits – Lyrics2Learn

Song Topic: electricity

An awesome track from Lyrics2Learn about electricity and how it works. Great beat and very easy video for students to follow along. Keep it up!


8. Plasmid Rap – Science Rap Academy

Song Topic: cell biology, genetics, DNA

Science Rap Academy is back on the list again! With the talent and energy from these students, their videos could easily take up this entire list of best science raps.

This Plasmid Rap features Cole & Erica, a dynamic singing/rapping duo. Amazing lyrics, wonderful singing/rapping and the absolute most perfect setting for their video.


9. The Mitosis Song – Jam Campus

Song Topic: biology, cell division, mitosis

A helpful science rap for understanding cell division through mitosis. The lyrics do speed by fast, so you may have to play this rap a few times to get it down. However, the visuals aligned with each step of mitosis help to solidify the understanding of the cell division process.

Also, the song ends with a catchy little tune to help remember the steps of mitosis. Always a nice bonus!


10. Circulatory System Rap – Mr. W

Song Topic: human body biology, circulatory system

Mr. W is one of the original science rap artists on YouTube. He’s been sharing his original learning songs since 2008 and has a well-established set of fans. This science rap is about the circulatory system and is by far the best song on the subject. Hope you enjoy rocking out with Mr. W.


11. What Is The Golgi? – Science With Tom

Song Topic: biology, cellular structure

From the legend himself, Tom McFadden stars in an entertaining music video about the structure of a cell. And the best part? He leaves the second verse up to you to complete yourself.

If you’re looking to give science rap songwriting a try, this video is your opportunity.


12. Eminemium – A Capella Science

Song Topic: biology, cell division, mitosis

This masterpiece rap by A Capella Science explores the responsibility that comes with new discoveries in science.

Are we using science to better humanity? Or tear it apart? These are important issues to address and we’re glad to see these unique forms of communicating this message. Well done all around!


13. Periodic Table Song – Jam Campus

Song Topic: chemistry, elements

A quick 2-minute rap about all 118 elements of the periodic table.

This one goes quick, so you may need to listen a few times to make sure you’ve captured it all. With a consistent rhythmic structure and visuals following each element, we hope this provides students with a basis to understand all of the elements present in our world.


14. Lab Safety Song – Rhythm, Rhyme, Results

Song Topic: science class, lab safety

This one is a throwback! We’re glad to see high school students participating in creating science rap videos themselves.

This song itself was created by Rhythm, Rhyme, Results and is one of their all-time best. Catchy flow, high audio production value and a beat that makes every student want to get up and dance (safely).


15. Covalent Love – James Mustapic

Song Topic: chemistry, atoms, chemical bonds

Student, James Mustapic won a science rap songwriting competition for this performance. And it’s well deserved! Incredible lyrics, high production value, and a tune that’s guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


16. BONUS SONG – The DNA Song – Jam Campus

Song Topic: genetics, chromosomes, DNA

As our first and still most popular Jam Campus video EVER, we couldn’t close out our list without The DNA Song. Classic!



There are so many more incredible science raps available on YouTube. We hope you enjoyed this starter list of the best science raps as much as we did!

What did you think? Do you love some other science raps that didn’t make our list? Share them with us on Facebook!

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