Learn all about the science of black holes through this educational song. To be used for teachers as supplemental classroom resource or for students as a new study tool. Understand the basics of our universe through this educational learning song, The Black Holes Song.


when a star runs out of fuel
it can’t support it’s heaviness
pressure from stars massive
layers of hydrogen press
down forcing the star to become
smaller than an atom

they’re minuscule in size
their gravity is enormous
they can grow with mass and light
as they absorb it
invisible to human eyes
they don’t reflect any light

a massive gravitational
strong pull
nothing escapes
black holes

there’s three main parts of a black holes anatomy
the Outer Event Horizon, less gravity
Inner Event Horizon
gravity is strong, strong, strong, strong

the center of the black hole is called the Singularity
described by general relativity
spacetime is infinite goes on, on, on, on, on…

a massive gravitational
strong pull
nothing escapes
center of the Milky Way
super massive
region of space
black holes

Original recording date: August 2016