Electromagnetic Spectrum Song

Science Songs

Radiation our sun makes
Travels to our earth in waves
Each wave is a different size
Most can’t be seen with a human eye

Wavelength, it measures
Length of a wave in meters
Frequency is waves per second
Different wavelengths span the whole spectrum

Longest of all of the waves in line
The radio waves are like data radio or satellite
Next are higher frequency microwaves
More energy, cook food quickly, and in phone calling
Infrared is detected by heat, thermal bodies
Heat sensing, our eyes can’t see
But next on the spectrum is visible light
Colored light, colored light

Radiation in a spectrum with low
Frequencies are radio, micro, infrared
Radio waves, longest length
Microwaves, cook food plates
Infrared rays, heat sensing
Then visible light all these colors our eyes show

It’s the electromagnetic spectrum
It’s the electromagnetic spectrum

Visible light is just a small fraction
Of all different types of radiation
Wavelength 390 to 700 nm
Spanning the colors, talking ROY G BIV

Visible lights frequency
430-790 THz
Red, orange, yellow, and green
Blue, indigo, violet, all these colors we can see

Left of the visible light, the ultraviolet light
UV sunburns, need sunblock next time
Then X-rays penetrate through mild and soft tissues
Doctors used to see bones inside you
Most dangerous waves are Gamma rays, short waves
High frequency and energy
Our atmosphere of earth stops these rays from harm
Absorbing, protecting

Radiations in the spectrum some harmful
Like the Ultraviolet ray, X-ray, Gamma waves
UV, need sunscreen
X-rays can, see through skin
Gamma ray, most energy
These radiations in the spectrum are harmful

It’s the electromagnetic spectrum
It’s the electromagnetic spectrum