So you want to learn HTML code
A computer language to make sites on the world wide web
A series of small, short codes
Stands for HyperText Markup Language

HyperText means hyper links
Connected clicks through pages linked
Markup is what text tags read
Determines the type of text it sees

HTML is made up of short codes
Typed into a text file by the author
The text file’s saved then viewed through any browser
The browser reads and translates so it’s readable

So what’s with all these ‘tags’ you’re speaking of?
They’re words between angled brackets that can allow
Images, links, tables to show up as you browse
Cleanly presented so easier to surf around

So here’s how you would make your text bold
Bracketed B then type your words
A forward slash to end code
And now the text is bold as your file loads

Original recording date: November 2015