Learn all about the timeline of the Middle Ages through this educational song. To be used for teachers as supplemental classroom resource or for students as a new study tool. Understand this time period through this Jam Campus educational parody song, “The Middle Ages song.”


ay, Roman Empire ruled much of Europe, fell in 476
Northern Germanic tribe invasion, started the Dark Ages
loss of art, history, culture, no government to record it
barbaric kingdoms rule and then convert to Catholic

Clovis, now King of Franks, former province of Gaul (481)
Muslims pulled back after losing the Battle of Tours
Charlemagne, King of Franks, crowned Holy Roman Emperor
with plans to spread Christian faith through land he conquered

bringing Western Europe together, reuniting
a new environment to explore arts and learning
but by the late 800s, empire was divided
and northern Europe is invaded by the Vikings

but they’re defeated by Alfred the Great of England
establishing new schools, to improve education
1000 A.D. city states it’s the Middle Ages

The Middle (ages, ages)
The Middle (ages, ages)

now Europe society based on the feudal system
a hierarchy of people trading their service for land
King to Baron to Lord to the Noblemen to Peasants
the manor, agricultural estate where the people lived

1000 to 1300 is called the High Middle Ages
agriculture flourished, castles built, increasing trading
Gothic churches, monks copying holy books for days and

1066 William of Normandy conquered Britain
made himself king after defeating the Anglo-Saxons
created a stable kingdom, strong central government
finally, we have stability in England and France

England, 1215, rebels oppose King John
they have him sign a document called the Magna Carta
this gives rights to the people, no king is above this law
and later influenced the U.S. Constitution

1337 Hundred Years War begins
when Edward the third of England declared war on France
then ten years later is the arrival of the Black Death
fatal disease kills one third of the people in Europe

then Joan of Arc wins the Battle of Orleans
but she’s captured by England and executed at 19
Gutenberg of Germany invents a press for printing
no longer need to use your hands for writing book copies

this era known as a time old empires fell away
with new ideas and room to innovate, the Middle Ages

The Middle (ages, ages)
The Middle (ages, ages)

Original recording date: July 2017