Mitosis Song

Science Songs

Thinking about cells
They can reproduce and divide all by themselves
One of two division forms known as mitosis
A mother cell divides into two identical daughters, perfect copy
Remember this, two identical copies, K?
Two sets of chromosomes, nucleus DNA
Most cell divisions in your body’s system used for your development
And old cells that get worn out, mitosis makes perfect copies, ah

Let’s start with the interphase
Right before mitosis takes place
The DNA within the cell is copied
And centrosomes copied, the role this will play is a key

And now we move to the prophase
where chromosomes condense into x-shapes
mitotic spindle grows, extends to opposite poles
And hey, dissolve the nuclear membrane

Metaphase is the next one
Chromosomes spindle into the middle and then they’re all lined up
Every chromosome has two kinetochores
With microtubules secured to opposite spindle poles

Hey, and how we on to the Anaphase
When sister chromatids separate
Thanks to the motor proteins
Moving along microtubules as molecular machines

Oh hello, Mr. Telo (phase!)
Almost done dividing into two, then onto cell growth
That mitotic spindle disappear
And new nuclei start to form here and here

And when the cytoplasm splits
Concurrent with telophase, it’s called cytokinesis
It’s different whether your cell is in plants or animals
Just remember after this, you have two identical cells

Inter, Pro, Meta
Ana, Telophase

Inter, Pro, Meta
Ana, Telophase