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Key Learning Topics

Guided by school curriculums, our educational songs are based on key learning topics to provide accurate and specific educational information.

Modern Sound

From hip-hop to pop music, our educational songs use modern beats and catchy melodies to maximize relevance and relatability for student learners.

Teacher Approved

Teachers all around the world use our educational music videos in their classrooms to inspire and engage their students.

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We provide educational songs & music videos to help students maximize their learning.

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What Is Jam Campus?

Jam Campus is a K-12 educational song & music video library to help make learning more fun and memorable. Using catchy music and animated visuals our educational songs & music videos are for teachers to use in the classroom or for students to use as a supplemental study tool.

Our goal is to inspire students of all ages to share knowledge with their peers in unique ways. Through our educational songs & music videos, we hope to motivate and inspire students to create their own songs and share them with their friends.

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