Why Do We Learn History? (The Song)

Social Studies Songs

Um, sure, question, why we gotta learn about history?
When all these facts you spitting I can find by googling
Like why I gotta know the dates of the French Revolution
When I can hop up on phone and type it in in two seconds, ok huh?

Moreover, your lesson’s kinda boring me
Who cares about these wars and monarchies that came way before me?
I’m going to take the next hour to catch up on some more sleep
Go on and ignore me, wake me if I’m snoring, teacher

Look, I get why you think history is kind of boring
We often don’t put it in context or explain the importance
Giving you quizzes like, “Which date? What year?”
Which has no impact on your long-term career, I feel you

But history ain’t about knowing facts
It’s about solving problems of today, where we’re at
And understand our grandparents, their impact on today
learning from good ideas and not repeating mistakes

And maybe you’re like, “Cool, but what’s this gotta do with me?”
Dude, you’re the future of our entire species
With the freedom to read into past historic decisions
And determine how to proceed so humanity progresses, my brother

You’re part of history this instant
With a privilege of knowing how the past impacts the current
You can see why past monarchies rotted
Compare it to modern politics
How do we dodge comparable problems?

Do you want to make a change? Make a difference?
Best learning from historic figures decisions
When Mr. Lincoln, for instance, was younger he’d be reading books about the Fall of Rome, Constitution, bios of Benjamin Franklin

Then take a look at history’s great ideas
Like inventions, medicine, new governments, fighting for freedom
And hear me, the world needs new ideas
And the best ideas come from younger people (like you)

What problem did Edison solve
with his invention of the light bulb?
Take that motivation, find a problem, even a small one
Spend some energy brainstorming, different solutions to solve it

Good to remember human lives have changed rapidly
imagine living as a peasant in 14th century
Working land all day, cold porridge, hard beds
Scraping by praying that you wont catch Black Death

To 600 years later, now you’re sitting in this class
iPhone, wifi, texting friends, downloading apps
Not a worry in the world about a virus or a plague
That’s a short time for those experiences to change

And your grandparents, even they’ve lived through a lot
From World Wars, preparing for atomic bombs to drop
All those times played a part to shape your life
It’s a humbling reminder, a healthy empathy exercise

So this is the moment to think about history differently
How it affects your daily living
Think about it, write about it
Compare it to the modern era
Respect your ancestors that probably had it harder than you
open up your lens to a slew of new ideas
To inspire you, start a movement with your friends that you believe in
You’re the generation to take the world and make a difference
harness history to make sure humanity progresses, and I’m out