Why You Should Vote (The Song)

Social Studies Songs

First off, these candidates I don’t know
Don’t pay attention, why should I use a vote?
I’m uniformed on all these issues and so
I’m overwhelmed man, and I got a busy schedule
And more I’m one in 325 million
It makes no difference on laws or taxes
And then elections, corrupted by millionaires,
Interest groups, big business, I live

In a red state and I vote blue
So what difference does it make, if I choose
To continue to snooze, Netflix instead of news
Since my single vote won’t shift any of these issues

Dude, this ain’t even a democracy
All politicians kind of bother me
And government doesn’t concern me
Yea, instead I think I’ll opt to sleep

Let me clear up this puzzle
you’ve got on significance of suffrage
If you don’t know the candidates
on the ballot you’re voting for
Use your phone or computer
Just take a half an hour
Look up ballot initiatives and candidates basic info
and you’ll go

“Oh..that was pretty useful”
All I did was type it into Google
‘What’s on the ballot’ in my state
And just read through all
The state measures we can vote for
plus candidates and see who’s cool

I know you care about money
The health of you family
Internet you browse
Paying state tax amounts
And if you just sit this one out
The other people around
Will be the ones voting
So this system will work better off for them

So you ought to go through the process
I concur the systems flawed
But not voting won’t solve the problems
And probably just makes it worse, you see?
You seek a system revamp, changing government plans
Only way to push forth that stance, voting is your best chance

But you don’t think you’ll make a difference?
Cause a single vote has no significance?
Hold up I’ll tell you what the problem is
Let’s take a look at the percentages
Of young people voting
Known as millennials
Only twenty three
Percent of us
Voted in 2014
Midterm elections
That’s pretty low turnout of a generation, don’t you think?

And have you seen, these ads on TV?
Of politicians try to convince ya of what they believe?
“But why would this guy spend his time and money
to try to sway me to change my mind?”

And speaking money, let’s talk mega donors
I’m with you, donations help candidates reach new voters
If you don’t like that, share your feedback
In the form of your voting rights
Plus did you know that each mega donor
can only vote one time?

Just like you and I
Except these rich people exercise
Their right to vote, they vote every time
Because they know that each vote is vital

Just be grateful you grew up in a nation
Where common citizens have voting power to make real changes
Yea people fought for your freedom
Lost their lives for your freedom
The least we can do is agree to
Make the world better by electing good leaders

Ok you got me, this ain’t a “direct” democracy
But apathy won’t solve a thing
Rapidly dissolves this country
You pick people to push forth your ideals
That represent you in government
the system that we got here

Look man, it’s your one chance
Our generation is the majority, we can influence
Some major issues in the city, in the state, in the nation
You can take 20-minutes to make our state greater

Because it really doesn’t matter if you’re red or blue,
Eggplant, banana, we’re all different
it’s just important that you choose
In your view, the best way for us all to move
Forward, by filling out that form, you control it

So all you people out there, if you’re eligible, to vote
Go register and read up on your ballot notes
The go to the poll in November so
You can make your voice heard and change the world, yo

Historically, a majority of young people don’t vote. Especially in midterm elections.

You can change that by registering to vote. As a large portion of in the valid electorate, young people have the power to make major changes for our country and our world.

Click here to register to vote today!

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